Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Moving in the right direction

 Well this past Sunday I cleaned out my closet.... seriously I really should do that more often... so much crap!

anyway I got rid of lots of things, some too big and some too small. I figured as I loose this weight I am going to want new pretty things not old warn out clothes I haven't warn in well way too long.

So now my big ole closet is empty with the exception of my dress clothes from when I worked in a professional field, I hated to get rid of those you never know when you will need a good power suit.

I also pulled out the summer shorts and let me tell you last summer I stayed away from the scale but I feel the difference in my shorts thats for sure. I am down to 242-243 depending on the day. I am hoping to be down to 225 by my husbands birthday June 5. I feel like that is a healthy goal. 20 lbs in 9 weeks thats 2.2 lbs a week. Sooo doable don't you think??

Leave me your best tips for loosing weight. What is your favorite low cal meal??? And how do you keep yourself from getting into a lack luster routine???

I can use any and all help so please let me know how all you awesome ladies do it???
I leave you with a little Fortunate Fool by the wonderful Jack Johnson

Saturday, March 17, 2012

One Big Fat Excuse

So I have had the intention to lose weight my entire life. I mean I've been on a mental diet since well as long as I can remember. (Mental diet meaning that I start diets and fail in a everyday cycle) I remember as a small child I grew faster than the other kids. I mean I was 5'5" in 6th grade  and no I haven't grew an inch since, so with that I just kept eating like normal kids do (crap) but since I was no longer growing up I grew out. In 8th grade I remember weighing 175 lbs. My thought was if I just don't put on any more weight I will be fine. HA who doesn't gain weight in high school and college??? So needless to say I graduated high school staying in that range of 180-190 lbs then in college I jumped to 230 lbs and for five years after that I jumped back in forth from 230-200 then back. Now I sit here typing this at 245 lbs. and just want to cry because that is 10 lbs less then my highest ever but seriously what happened??? and why am I still here. Obviously I could sit here and blame all kinds of stress and events but when it boils down to it. I haven't made me a priority even when I think I am its half ass.

This is seriously one of the hardest things for me to type and even harder to put out there. I feel like I'm standing naked in the middle of time square, but its what I need. Face the truth! See what I have become and fix it. Put me first. Not let life become one big excuse.

I know most of the people who follow my blog workout lots and have their own weight issues weather you just don't feel comfortable with the 5 extra pounds on you. It's about what is comfortable for you and what works for you. I can honestly say its been so long since I've felt good about my body that I don't know what that number or even feeling is looks like, but I will say that today marks a new day. A day to cut the crap and get down to the truth of my issues and not just my weight. This blog will become a complete look into things helping me find me again.  Which is a joke since I think my last post was something similar to this. In the blog thought at least. But I'm going to honest and 100% real. I ask you not to judge me or those whom may comment with their own struggles because this is hard. One of the hardest things again remember I'm standing naked in times square here.

My husband asked me something today and I didn't have an answer so that is goal one.

"What is holding you back? What is keeping you from pushing yourself ?"

I sat there thinking about this for a long time and all excuses set aside I had no real honest answer.

So today I will walk a mile, may not seem like much but it is a starting place. So today is day one and I will check back in here on day 4.

I hope you have a great St.Patrick's day and wear lots of green.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Good Morning Sunshine

Well I have taken time off from the blogging/twitter world to think about if I want to keep up with it all.

People are just getting on my nerves lately and no its not one person in particular and even if it was I wouldn't say. I just think people are getting too moody and particular about things. Seriously my advise is if you don't want someone to copy or use something of yours don't put it up on the Internet. What do you really expect. I'm not saying its right but lets face it If I put a TV in my yard and then leave my house do you really think that just because it isn't right someone will not take it??? HA you bet your ass it will be gone in no time flat. So my advice is if you don't like it go private or don't post it. Seriously you will never stop people from pinning things or stealing. And if someone pin's something of yours take it as a compliment!!!! That is what it is after all. If they steal it well shit happens. I'm sorry but this is how I feel about it. And well the drama surrounding these two things is just sad really. And beyond annoying.

So my blog will continue but in the fashion of sports and my diet mostly. I will talk about baseball and football during the respective seasons and I will track my weight loss journey. If these things are not your thing I take no offence in you unfollowing my blog. I mean no point in cluttering up your feed with crap you don't give a flying pigs butt about. So I will continue to read some of your blogs as well they make me laugh and I enjoy them but I won't be joining in on everything as I used too. I don't have the time between working out, work, and gearing up for our adoption stuff this summer.

So to you guys who stick around I promise I will continue to be my pain in the ass self and to you guys leaving I say farewell and good riddance j/k   It was nice knowing you for a little while.

Thank god baseball season is vast approaching,