Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm back!!!

So i took a break from the blogging world. I haven't even read a blog in months!!! Nuts I know but I needed a break from everything. So I've spent my blog time reading and it has been wonderful I forgot how much I truly love getting lost in a good book. So please recommend your favorites to me so I can feel my nook up once again.

But I am now back because to be honest I have missed you all so very much. So I will be back to ranting and raving about all my daily ramblings.

So what is new with all of you? And who are some of the must read blogs?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Boys of Summer

Today I am driving up to Arlington, TX to watch my boys (the Astros) whoop up on the Texas Rangers.

Yes I know the Rangers are very good and well my Astros have a lot of young guys with a lot of heart are not playing for the chance at the World Series this year. However that does not mean they can not beat the Rangers as I saw them take them down when they were in Houston earlier this season.

Yes I live for baseball and this game is beyond exciting for me, as it is the first time I'll be seeing a game as a visitor. I always see my boys home. So cross your fingers for me as I'm looking forward to a great evening of baseball.

Friday, June 15, 2012

I am an Artist!

Okay well maybe I'm only an artist with supervision and step by step direction (and with the help of Jamie and Amy going over them again with me, again Thanks)

So this month I made it to the H-Town Blogger meet up. (I have been missing them the last few months)

If you are a Houston blogger you really should come and meet the wonderful women, they are amazing individuals.

So this month we met at the all amazing

picture stolen from Jamie
Not going to lie I had no idea what to expect going to a place where I was supposed to paint. I have no artistic ability outside of taking pictures of other pretty things. Drawing, painting way out of my league.

But I was beyond surprised they break everything down for you and give you plenty of time to enjoy what you are doing and not stressing over the fact that it may or may not be perfect. I was so beyond slow but still manage to come out with a painting way above anything I could have imagined me doing. Seriously my husband made fun of me when we painted our kitchen, I'm that bad.

So for a night out and something different I would send you to visit Pinots palette it truly is sooo much fun.

We ladies enjoyed wine and water, snacks and lots of laughs. Pinots is branching out to other city's across the US, so check and see if there is one in your neck of the woods. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Oh Happy Day

So once again I give myself the title of worlds worst blogger. Seriously I just suck at it but oh well it's my little world and if I want to suck at it I guess its okay. ?

I have joined the gym and under the advice of the dear Cecila I have hired a Personal Trainer to get me started. I will begin with him next week. So wish me luck its been 10 years since I have truly had a hard core workout with a trainer. I've taken classes but its just not the same as the one on one pushing you get from PT.

I have lost 22lbs from my heaviest weight so I'm happy with my progress.

A big shot out to my step sister Jenny for losing 89lbs so far this year!!! Girl is working it. She has 111lbs to go till she reaches her goal but I have no doubt she will do it.

I just wanted to update as I have been lacking on this end for a while. I some other things I want to blog about but I will save that for another post.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Is that the sun I see?

So there are two things I truly love in this world my family and BASEBALL.

Yes it is true, and anyone who has ever met me knows it. Yes I am one of those fans. I get pissed when people get up twenty times during a game or walk up and down the rows during at batts. Oh and don't you dare stop and have a chat in front of me. Seriously it is little nuts, but I didn't come here to see you I came to watch the game. I have even been know to be the nerdy person with  score book keeping track of every play.

There is just something about the game that is magical to me. Seriously it's what most likely led to me the husband falling in love. See my husband is a sports almanac... No seriously its scary how much he knows and then makes me wonder why he can't remember to take out the trash but can remember the entire starting line up for pretty much every team since the early 90's. He knows stats like no one I've ever seen. So finding a girl who found that appealing and not anoying was prolly something of a real turn on for him. lol Sometimes it is anoying but goodness I love that man and all his crazy trivia questions.

Anyway this weekend is opening weekend for baseball which means my butt will be at Minute Maid Park all weekend long. So I am beyond happy.

What are your plans for the crazy holiday weekend?

I hope you have a blessed Easter and to all my fellow baseball fans enjoy rooting for your home team.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Moving in the right direction

 Well this past Sunday I cleaned out my closet.... seriously I really should do that more often... so much crap!

anyway I got rid of lots of things, some too big and some too small. I figured as I loose this weight I am going to want new pretty things not old warn out clothes I haven't warn in well way too long.

So now my big ole closet is empty with the exception of my dress clothes from when I worked in a professional field, I hated to get rid of those you never know when you will need a good power suit.

I also pulled out the summer shorts and let me tell you last summer I stayed away from the scale but I feel the difference in my shorts thats for sure. I am down to 242-243 depending on the day. I am hoping to be down to 225 by my husbands birthday June 5. I feel like that is a healthy goal. 20 lbs in 9 weeks thats 2.2 lbs a week. Sooo doable don't you think??

Leave me your best tips for loosing weight. What is your favorite low cal meal??? And how do you keep yourself from getting into a lack luster routine???

I can use any and all help so please let me know how all you awesome ladies do it???
I leave you with a little Fortunate Fool by the wonderful Jack Johnson

Saturday, March 17, 2012

One Big Fat Excuse

So I have had the intention to lose weight my entire life. I mean I've been on a mental diet since well as long as I can remember. (Mental diet meaning that I start diets and fail in a everyday cycle) I remember as a small child I grew faster than the other kids. I mean I was 5'5" in 6th grade  and no I haven't grew an inch since, so with that I just kept eating like normal kids do (crap) but since I was no longer growing up I grew out. In 8th grade I remember weighing 175 lbs. My thought was if I just don't put on any more weight I will be fine. HA who doesn't gain weight in high school and college??? So needless to say I graduated high school staying in that range of 180-190 lbs then in college I jumped to 230 lbs and for five years after that I jumped back in forth from 230-200 then back. Now I sit here typing this at 245 lbs. and just want to cry because that is 10 lbs less then my highest ever but seriously what happened??? and why am I still here. Obviously I could sit here and blame all kinds of stress and events but when it boils down to it. I haven't made me a priority even when I think I am its half ass.

This is seriously one of the hardest things for me to type and even harder to put out there. I feel like I'm standing naked in the middle of time square, but its what I need. Face the truth! See what I have become and fix it. Put me first. Not let life become one big excuse.

I know most of the people who follow my blog workout lots and have their own weight issues weather you just don't feel comfortable with the 5 extra pounds on you. It's about what is comfortable for you and what works for you. I can honestly say its been so long since I've felt good about my body that I don't know what that number or even feeling is looks like, but I will say that today marks a new day. A day to cut the crap and get down to the truth of my issues and not just my weight. This blog will become a complete look into things helping me find me again.  Which is a joke since I think my last post was something similar to this. In the blog thought at least. But I'm going to honest and 100% real. I ask you not to judge me or those whom may comment with their own struggles because this is hard. One of the hardest things again remember I'm standing naked in times square here.

My husband asked me something today and I didn't have an answer so that is goal one.

"What is holding you back? What is keeping you from pushing yourself ?"

I sat there thinking about this for a long time and all excuses set aside I had no real honest answer.

So today I will walk a mile, may not seem like much but it is a starting place. So today is day one and I will check back in here on day 4.

I hope you have a great St.Patrick's day and wear lots of green.