Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Is that the sun I see?

So there are two things I truly love in this world my family and BASEBALL.

Yes it is true, and anyone who has ever met me knows it. Yes I am one of those fans. I get pissed when people get up twenty times during a game or walk up and down the rows during at batts. Oh and don't you dare stop and have a chat in front of me. Seriously it is little nuts, but I didn't come here to see you I came to watch the game. I have even been know to be the nerdy person with  score book keeping track of every play.

There is just something about the game that is magical to me. Seriously it's what most likely led to me the husband falling in love. See my husband is a sports almanac... No seriously its scary how much he knows and then makes me wonder why he can't remember to take out the trash but can remember the entire starting line up for pretty much every team since the early 90's. He knows stats like no one I've ever seen. So finding a girl who found that appealing and not anoying was prolly something of a real turn on for him. lol Sometimes it is anoying but goodness I love that man and all his crazy trivia questions.

Anyway this weekend is opening weekend for baseball which means my butt will be at Minute Maid Park all weekend long. So I am beyond happy.

What are your plans for the crazy holiday weekend?

I hope you have a blessed Easter and to all my fellow baseball fans enjoy rooting for your home team.

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