Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Starting a little early...

So it's not even December yet (okay only by one day) and I am already working on my Resolution..Solution. You see as a woman we all make a small resolution every year to lose weight, eat a little better, be more active something that ends with us being healthier. Then we let life crush that resolution and we just let life keep on. Well this year I am starting early... trying to make things a habit before the hype of the new year.

I started reading "Your Best Body Now" by Tosca Reno and have learned a ton about clean eating which makes since to me. Eating Clean is just eating things as natural as possible. Which I doubt I will ever do completely but it does make me think about how and what I'm putting in my body no matter how it is advertised. See Diet and low fat doesn't make anything good for you.

See I put on an astonishing 20-30lbs in a little over a year! That is just nuts!!!! A lot was part of meds I was on and the other is I just wasn't being active nor eating right.

See I married a man who can eat whatever he wants without fear... I am the complete opposite and need to fear everything I eat.

So now at my heaviest EVER and too heavy to want to post it for the world to see just yet, I am working towards changing my habits when it comes to food. I am making me a priority because lets face it I don't have much choice at this rate I have to make a change or "gulp" else.

So last night I weighed and measured all my measurements wrote them down in a little book and will continue to do this weekly. I need to know where I am to help drive me forward. I think its why weight watchers worked for me in the past.

I will let you know how it is going in a weekly post. I will give you updates on my loss, gains (I'm hoping not), workouts, and what I'm changing.

So wish me luck.

Monday, November 21, 2011

A Thankful Thanksgiving

Well I have been seeing many people post daily the things they are thankful for, and I think it is truly a wonderful thing to see so many blessings. I am not a blogger who is really good with posting daily so I thought that I would do one post with some of the things that I consider large blessings in my life.

First I have to start with my husband as he is the Rock that holds me up. He lives each day to provide me with all the things that dreams are made of. Seriously I really do hope that everyone finds someone who loves them the way my husband loves me.

Second is my family, I was blessed with two very loving parents whom love me dearly. They are always encourging me to continue going after my dreams no matter how big or small. I also have a little sister whom has always been a best friend. We fight like crazy but at the end of the day I know no one has my back like she does. My little brother is as sweet as they come He turns 21 this Friday and just can not believe he is all grown up. He may tower over me now but he will forever be my baby brother

Third my baby's my dogs. Seriously I have the most loving protective dogs out there. They love their momma and make sure I know it daily.

and lately but certianly not least the power of Prayer. These last few months Prayer has played a huge roll in our lives. Wether it be the beging of our Adoption journey or my Aunt while in the hospital prayers have brought us together and helped us become stronger.

I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Claire since you are on the other side of the pond I hope you have a wonderful week eat something special in honor of us.

Be thankful for your many blessings year round but expecially this week.

Oh and hopefully us Texas folk will be blessed some cooler weather to bring us into the holiday season. :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

To clarify

So several people claim I'm acting High School by posting a post on a blog I just began about someone whom bothers me without confronting this person. Well to be honest I didn't post this on my old blog because I knew this person and all parties involve would see it. I did it over here because this is my place to vent and it was something that bothered me. Everyone asking why I didn't confront this person is because this person has already been confronted by the person she told these things too and it did nothing. Some will never admit and just shift blame when asked. My point in my blog isn't to point fingers or put blame on anyone. It is more so to question why some people need to tear others down. To be honest I have not had a problem with any of the ladies hince why I just vent about it. To me it is no different then others venting about drama in their so called real life friends. I will delete the previous post as it was poorly written.

This is the end to this. I have deleted the post as I was not trying to contribute to the drama just vent that I didn't understand the way some are.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Colds Suck!

So anyone out there have a way to get rid of a cold ASAP?

Anyone at all????

I have had a cold for a week with no relief. :(

I just need to be better before Thanksgiving, I can't have Thanksgiving when I can't taste the food!!!!

That is just mean and oh so wrong.

I have the best hubby ever he is off to the store to find another type of cold med to see if it will work.

Now off to watch my Longhorns whoop up on some WildCats... HOOK'EM

New Blog...New Me?

HA... You wish!

It's the same ole me for any of those who may have followed me from my old blog. I just felt I needed a new begining. You ever get tired of just the same ole crud and need a new outlook? Well that is what this here blog is. I had three blogs previously and this blog will just be all three rolled in to one.

On here you will not find giveaways that require you to follow my blog or me asking for followers. To some that may be important to me its not. If I ever choose to give something away I will do that give it away free and clear. You will most likely never see advertisements or anything like that on here cause well this is my corner of the world and I would like to keep it that way. Now that isn't a knock on anyone who does or has done any of the fore mentitoned things its just not for me.

If I review a product its because I found it to be awesome and thought the world should know not because someone paid me to say something good about them.

What else, lately this blog is for me. I don't write with intent to offend but lets face it, it will probably happen from time to time and I say to you just move on. This blog is for me to share my thoughts with the world some will agree others will not but personaly I will not have interent fights on here.

With that said old follower you know me, and to those just meeting me Thanks for coming by and I hope you won't be a stranger.

Feel free to follow me on twitter or email anytime I promise I am a pretty friendly person.

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