Sunday, November 20, 2011

To clarify

So several people claim I'm acting High School by posting a post on a blog I just began about someone whom bothers me without confronting this person. Well to be honest I didn't post this on my old blog because I knew this person and all parties involve would see it. I did it over here because this is my place to vent and it was something that bothered me. Everyone asking why I didn't confront this person is because this person has already been confronted by the person she told these things too and it did nothing. Some will never admit and just shift blame when asked. My point in my blog isn't to point fingers or put blame on anyone. It is more so to question why some people need to tear others down. To be honest I have not had a problem with any of the ladies hince why I just vent about it. To me it is no different then others venting about drama in their so called real life friends. I will delete the previous post as it was poorly written.

This is the end to this. I have deleted the post as I was not trying to contribute to the drama just vent that I didn't understand the way some are.

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