Saturday, November 19, 2011

New Blog...New Me?

HA... You wish!

It's the same ole me for any of those who may have followed me from my old blog. I just felt I needed a new begining. You ever get tired of just the same ole crud and need a new outlook? Well that is what this here blog is. I had three blogs previously and this blog will just be all three rolled in to one.

On here you will not find giveaways that require you to follow my blog or me asking for followers. To some that may be important to me its not. If I ever choose to give something away I will do that give it away free and clear. You will most likely never see advertisements or anything like that on here cause well this is my corner of the world and I would like to keep it that way. Now that isn't a knock on anyone who does or has done any of the fore mentitoned things its just not for me.

If I review a product its because I found it to be awesome and thought the world should know not because someone paid me to say something good about them.

What else, lately this blog is for me. I don't write with intent to offend but lets face it, it will probably happen from time to time and I say to you just move on. This blog is for me to share my thoughts with the world some will agree others will not but personaly I will not have interent fights on here.

With that said old follower you know me, and to those just meeting me Thanks for coming by and I hope you won't be a stranger.

Feel free to follow me on twitter or email anytime I promise I am a pretty friendly person.

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Savanah said...

i agree on the followers thing! too many people begging for followers all day every day on twitter. I mean it's nice to see the # grow daily but I'm not going to beg for people to follow me. What matters are those people who are actually reading!