Monday, November 21, 2011

A Thankful Thanksgiving

Well I have been seeing many people post daily the things they are thankful for, and I think it is truly a wonderful thing to see so many blessings. I am not a blogger who is really good with posting daily so I thought that I would do one post with some of the things that I consider large blessings in my life.

First I have to start with my husband as he is the Rock that holds me up. He lives each day to provide me with all the things that dreams are made of. Seriously I really do hope that everyone finds someone who loves them the way my husband loves me.

Second is my family, I was blessed with two very loving parents whom love me dearly. They are always encourging me to continue going after my dreams no matter how big or small. I also have a little sister whom has always been a best friend. We fight like crazy but at the end of the day I know no one has my back like she does. My little brother is as sweet as they come He turns 21 this Friday and just can not believe he is all grown up. He may tower over me now but he will forever be my baby brother

Third my baby's my dogs. Seriously I have the most loving protective dogs out there. They love their momma and make sure I know it daily.

and lately but certianly not least the power of Prayer. These last few months Prayer has played a huge roll in our lives. Wether it be the beging of our Adoption journey or my Aunt while in the hospital prayers have brought us together and helped us become stronger.

I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Claire since you are on the other side of the pond I hope you have a wonderful week eat something special in honor of us.

Be thankful for your many blessings year round but expecially this week.

Oh and hopefully us Texas folk will be blessed some cooler weather to bring us into the holiday season. :)

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Megan said...

I absolutely love your list!! Family (and puppies) is the best thing in life!!!