Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Starting a little early...

So it's not even December yet (okay only by one day) and I am already working on my Resolution..Solution. You see as a woman we all make a small resolution every year to lose weight, eat a little better, be more active something that ends with us being healthier. Then we let life crush that resolution and we just let life keep on. Well this year I am starting early... trying to make things a habit before the hype of the new year.

I started reading "Your Best Body Now" by Tosca Reno and have learned a ton about clean eating which makes since to me. Eating Clean is just eating things as natural as possible. Which I doubt I will ever do completely but it does make me think about how and what I'm putting in my body no matter how it is advertised. See Diet and low fat doesn't make anything good for you.

See I put on an astonishing 20-30lbs in a little over a year! That is just nuts!!!! A lot was part of meds I was on and the other is I just wasn't being active nor eating right.

See I married a man who can eat whatever he wants without fear... I am the complete opposite and need to fear everything I eat.

So now at my heaviest EVER and too heavy to want to post it for the world to see just yet, I am working towards changing my habits when it comes to food. I am making me a priority because lets face it I don't have much choice at this rate I have to make a change or "gulp" else.

So last night I weighed and measured all my measurements wrote them down in a little book and will continue to do this weekly. I need to know where I am to help drive me forward. I think its why weight watchers worked for me in the past.

I will let you know how it is going in a weekly post. I will give you updates on my loss, gains (I'm hoping not), workouts, and what I'm changing.

So wish me luck.

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