Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lets talk Football plus Giveaway Winner

Okay so I'm back from my trip and let me tell you it was just about the sadest trip ever. I pray none of you ever have to attend a childs funeral but that is another post entirely.

This post is about FOOTBALL! Okay I know several of my followers are from Houston and if you are a Texan fan I'm sorry but this really needs to be said Cowboys fans do not care about the Houston Texans. We are not rivals and for that alone WE DON'T CARE! If you are not in my division or unless I'm playing you for the moment I just don't care. Hince why I don't talk trash to the Saints, Titans  cause in unless its the Superbowl and we are both there it just doesn't matter. I think its great they finally had a good year and were able to do it with all the injurys they've had. Now if you are a Giants, Redskins, or Eagles fan Bring it! You I care about. It just gets old hearing people try to trash talk my team when I don't really get it why. We play each other every 4 years and you really need to beat us in a game that counts to trash talk. Football is one of those thing where luck really does play into some parts because you can get lucky with an easy schedual or get screwed. Not saying the Texans don't deserve to take there division and move on to the playoffs cause I do but just shut up already about the Cowboys.

Moving on to the fact that I'm getting really pissed about seeing the Cowboys lose every year to the Stinking Giants. I'm not a manning fan so it really bust my chops that so far we haven't had a win in Cowboys stadium. Which SUCKS BIG TIME when you go with Giants fans. See our tailgate is The tailgate to be if you are a Giants fan. These guys get together everyweek to watch the game and there are about 50-60 of them. At the game we had well over 100 and that inculded the License Plate guy (Joe), Two players wives, and one players parents. Which I will say were all very nice people even to the two Cowboys fans. These guys are friends and we have been tailgating with them for about 6 years now. Great Guys so if you are a Giants fan in the Dallas/Ft Worth area you should look them up.

Okay now I guess most of you are wanting to know who won the Giveaway?????

and the winner is.................................. Laura over at The Luckiest in love

My favorite thing about the holiday season is decorating the house with my husband while listening to Christmas music - The decorations make it so cozy! on 1st ever Giveaway!!!
Oh and Mrs.Laura is having a giveaway of her own so go check it out

Laura please email me your information so that I can send you your gift in time for Christmas!!!

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Laura said...

Yayyy!! I am SO excited! Emailing you now! :)