Friday, January 6, 2012

Let me clear something up about PJ's

Okay now I don't claim to be a sanzy dresser by any means. To be completely honest my wardrobe leaves something to be desired. If you are plus size chances are you understand this issue but that is another subject. Today I have seen not 1 not 2 hell I have seen 4 ladies show up to our yard in their PJ's. Seriously and they weren't even like plain sweat pants kind. We are talking about full on hello Kitty carton types of PJ's on grown women in public. When did this become socialy acceptable????? Seriously? This is not okay. I mean look how low women have come to care about themselves in such a short time. I mean in the 40's women dressed in heels and dresses to clean house and now we are wearing PJ's out in public???? Now I know not all women do this but I ask you out there, WHY? Is it that much work to put on jeans and a t-shirt??? Do you really not care that much? or I guess that little?

Someone please explain this to me???


Miranda said...

i so agree...if i have to run somewhere i put on jeans or at least i'm wearing sweat pants that are solid in color. but I can't stand the PJ pants like they are acceptable public clothes!

Alyssa said...

I don't get it either!! I have always found PJ's in public to be super unacceptable! I could never do it but, clearly others don't have a problem with it.

Amy Drinkie said...

I saw a girl walking out of the Valero station by my house the other day wearing purple flannel PJ pants with some character on them (I can't remember which one), a black spaghetti strap top with her bra showing, and houseshoes. And no jacket. And it was 40-something degrees outside. I was like "what is WRONG with that girl??"

At least if I go out I have yoga pants on. They're stretchy and comfy but I like to think they're a little more refined.