Friday, January 27, 2012

Miss me yet?

So I've been missing in action lately in the social networking world.  I  haven't been on twitter, blogger, facebook, nothing. I'm not going to lie its kind of nice. I think we all need a break from the online world just like we need vacations from our day to day lives.

So on my time off I have been attending adoption meetings, training the new puppy (my hubby is going to turn my house into a shelter I just know it), and working on my fitness.

Adoption front: we have an agency and now I'm working on our application, and I get the reason but seriously they should make people having children go through all these hoops. It's nuts! But like I said I get why they have to know all this information but it doesn't make me like it anymore.

The Puppy: Penny Lane is just as sweet as they come. We are working on the potty training and its well it's going. She will become an outside dog here in another week or two. She was just two tiny when we first got her but she is about 12 pounds now. We have also been working on getting rid of her flea's. She had the worst investation I have ever seen. Seriously makes me want to take a bath just thinking about it.

My fitness: Well this week I am down another 3 lbs which means 10lbs are gone!!! WAHOO!! I have been looking into rejoining the gym as I would really love too. But we have also been planning out how to become debt free by the end of the year. So I may just buy a treadmill or bike and use it at home. 3-4 months at the gym would pay it off. But who knows the hubby and I are still discussing this one.

 I promise I will be catching up on all of you guys this weekend, before I head to my darling neices 4 year old birthday party. Wish me luck as it is at a skating ring and I just might break something. :/

I hope you are all well. Till sometime next week
Mrs HappySteak

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